Monday, December 21, 2009

The End.

The end.

The beginning.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Driving Chronicles 4

Dear Blog,
I miss you! I'm getting married in 5 days. Let this hold you over..

Driving Chronicles:

Yesterday I was taking Adam's car to get an oil change. As I neared the Pink Palace I was cut off by a taxi and as he pulled over to the curb to drop off his passenger, he side-swiped a parked car.

Later that day, when I was back in my car, there was a paramedic unit approaching on the opposite side of the road with it's sirens blaring. EVERYONE on my side of the road - every single car - pulled all the way over to the curb. I was very proud of all of them.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Catching Up? (Never!!)


-Didn't blog at all last week because it was my last week of work and I was training my replacement. The week was so busy!! But she is trained and I am no longer employed full time! -Yay!!

-Our apartment is coming together. I'll post some pics. We were able to get a free loveseat, table and chair with ottoman. So fun!

-We still need chairs for the table, bookshelves/entertainment center, couch, and maybe a coffee table and side tables and even a couple side tables for the bedroom. I'm also on the lookout for a bedframe.

-Our mattress is supposed to be delivered today. I'm excited!

-I had a bridal shower last night. It was a great time. I think there were lots of pics taken, so when those are ready I will post them. I took Adam's camera, but I don't know yet, how to upload them from his camera and onto my laptop. Shannon - Maid-of-Honor shared some very kind things about me and I was very humbled. Then several of the ladies prayed for Adam and I and then PRESENTS!

-Today is 2 weeks and 2 days until the wedding. I need to try my dress on and make sure it still fits and also get it steamed. I decided to wear Mom's veil. I'm excited for that.

Anyway, I should be around more. Hopefully. Now that I'm not working full time. Things are still busy, but I have good things to post. =)

Monday, November 2, 2009


Tonight at church was communion. As I took the cup and prepared to drink it, I noticed there was a fuzz in it. I whispered to Adam that mine had a fuzz. He handed me his cup and took mine and the simplicity of that statement made me love him all the more.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Driving Chronicles 3

Today I was on my lunch break and as I was headed back to work I pulled up to a 4 way stop. It's one of those ones that's gearing up to have traffic lights, the traffic lights are there just not working so for now 'tis just a stop sign. So as I approached, there was an Andy Gump truck at the stop sign/traffic light. I slowed as I got toward the stop sign and he still didn't go through even though he was the only one there. I pulled up to the stop sign. Looked at him. Came to a full and complete stop. Looked at him. Paused. Looked at him. It was his turn. It had BEEN his turn. He stayed put. I assume he was waiting for the light to turn green and hadn't registered that it wasn't even red.

Also in my lunchtime drive. I was behind a 7-Up big rig. We got to a stop light. I got in the left turn lane he stayed in the straight lane except he stopped WAY WAY behind all other cars, gave a short honk on his horn, and stayed put even as the light turned green. I made my left turn and was able to view him for several seconds just hanging out in the road. He seemed fine. I wonder what he was doing.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mobile Uploads

I love this guy. We were at The-No-Name-Store (Wal*Mart) picking up a few essentials for our new apartment. We saw this pillow that matched Adam perfectly! Kinda funny!

This is the view of our apartment complex if you put your cellphone through the wooden posts and take a picture from the front gate. =) Isn't it so cheery?
And these are a few of our pics, waiting to find their place on our wall(s).

Thursday, October 15, 2009


From the thrift stores yesterday I snapped this photo:
This is like an EXACT replica of the Treehouse Studio. Same style. Same color. SAME size.

And this is currently at my desk at work:

The Driving Chronicles 2

Yesterday's drive involved the 126 to Ventura, pouring rain, and my good friend Sarah.

The rain was really coming down as we neared Fillmore. Up ahead I could see something in the road. I thought it was a crow. As we got closer, the bird wasn't moving. It was definitely not dead because it was rigidly standing there. I had my lights and windshield wipers on and as I approached I looked and saw a sopping wet, drenched feather, wide eyed, terrified owl. It's wings were slightly spread and rain was pouring down on the owl and as I approached, it stood there not moving, staring, helpless. It didn't know what to do.

It was the most heartbreaking thing I've seen in a long time and I can't shake it. I felt so bad for it.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Driving Chronicles 1

I think I should start some sort of regular feature on my blog called The Driving Chronicles becuase I always see the most interesting things when I'm driving.

Today features Adam and I sitting at a traffic light next to a white van. The driver of the van was holding a frozen soda and hitting it repeatedly with a hammer. I don't know how that was supposed to defrost it.

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Treehouse Studio

Adam and I have been madly searching for an appropriate living space these last couple of weeks. We've looked in classifieds, networked through friends, and searched Craigslist.

We found this ad on Craigslist:
Cute Unusual Guest House/Single
All new
Small Dog o.k. upon approval, please email for more information
Rent+ small deposit

It was within our location and budget preferences so we called them up.

Tuesday evening we got a chance to check it out. We were told to knock on the door when we arrived.

*Knock knock*

Door opens, we couldn't really see who was talking because it was evening,"Hey, are you Adam?" we hear as the guy steps outside and extends his hand. Adam says, "Yes," as he shakes hands with Dan and says, "..and this is Erin." I shake his hand, "Hi, nice to meet you."

Let's talk about Dan for a second. He is in his 60's and wearing dark brown polyester pants, a leather jacket with fringe, and a dark brown hat with a feather. He looks like he has had some adventures in life and has a low raspy voice - from too many cigarettes (at least that's my conclusion).

Dan leads us around back. Cautions us to be careful of our step. Asks if we like dogs because he has 2 and tells us he built the guest house for fun. We get to the back and his wife steps outside.

Let's talk about Lynette for a second. Lynette is in her 60's and wearing jeans and a t-shirt and a purple jacket. Her hair looks like this. (Note to self, be careful on google when searching for mullets. )

We introduce ourselves to Lynette. The couple is very nice. The backyard has a fishpond which is awesome. Surrounding the fishpond are varying trees and hanging from one tree was a version of a Tiffany Lamp. SO cool. We loved it. I loved it. We see the guest house. It's up on a semi-deck. It's painted green with white trim. I loved it. There was a tiny porch out front. Dan and Lynette said "Just go inside. Spend like 10 minutes in there and we'll come and check on you." Then Dan walked up the porch and opened the door and went right inside the guest house. =)

First whiff. Cigarettey. (That should be a word.)
First sight. Tree trunk.

Let's talk about the tree trunk for a second. I would say The kitchen was approx. 3ft by 7ft. The bathroom 7ft by 7ft. The living/bedroom area approx. 10ft by 13ft. The tree trunk ws approx. 2ft by 2ft. It took up a LARGE portion of this NOT large studio. It also offically made it a treehouse.

The studio was really cute. Hard wood floors. Beige walls. Several windows. The kitchen was painted GREEN. I know. Right?

Dan and Lynette told us they are planning on putting a sofa bed and an armoire in the studio. There was also a table and 2 chairs in there. And for now a blow up queen mattress. The window in the back was level with the deck. That was interesting. But we liked it. After they showed and informed us of everything they told us to look around then just come knock on the door when we were ready to talk.

Adam and I strategized. The place is teensy. (Doesn't teensy sound smaller than teeny?) Eventually we headed to the door of the main house. Dan opened it up and invited us in. (I just want you guys to know that a car had hit a power pole down the street so the electricity was flickering and browning out and we were supposed to go in?) We went in. They invited us to sit at the dining table. Their 2 dogs were old and their black lab was one of the fattest dogs I've EVER seen. We pulled up a chair and sat down. Conversation began. It ended 2 hours later.

These folks are sooo interesting. Dan has lived! He had some great stories to tell. We found ourselved having similarities to this couple. Common grounds. We also got to give them the gospel. Lynette seems to be saved. Dan knows the truth but has some theological hang-ups that keep him from committing. God crossed our paths that night to encourage Lynette in the Lord and to challenge Dan. We're sure of it.

In all the 2 hours we didn't get to talk about the treehouse studio. When we left Dan told us to take the application and give them a call, but that "even if we said, "No." to make sure that if we ever see them on the streets to be sure and say "hello.""

It was a really interesting night. Very cool in so many ways. Imagine Adam and I telling our kids we lived in a treehouse the first year of our marriage. The place was SO us, but just so small.

And cigarettey.

Friday, September 25, 2009

2 More Mobile Uploads

I've taught my niece how to flash gang signs. She's pretty cool.

This is how Morgan has decorated while my folks have been gone. I call this look, "Revenge."

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Poor Morgan

I took this pic of Morgan last night when she and I hit the proverbial hay. My folks are visiting my mom's folks which means that Morgan is now my roommate. Roomate? Roommate.

Well, when I shut my door last night, Morgan laid on her bed, squashed herself against my bed, and cried(whimpered). It was so pathetic. Look at those sad, pleading eyes begging for her mommy and daddy to come back home.

Poor Morgy.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Getting Pulled Over.. Yes, That's Right.

Adam and I had a great pre-marital session last night with Tom and Suzi. Hi Suzi! We got to talk about communication and finances. Adam and I are so thankful for Tom and Suzi and how they listen to us and guide/shepherd us in our hearts and in our relationship with each other. It has been such a gift from the Lord having them in our lives in this way. We are very blessed to learn from them.

After we wrapped up our meeting Adam asked me if I wanted to debrief the session at Target. It was like 9:35 and Target closes at 10 so I said sure. We got in my car and I pulled out of Starbucks.

Normally I turn behind Target and take the backroad in, but for some reason I went to Magic Mountain Parkway and turned at the light there to go to Target. As Adam and I waited to turn we were talking through the session and I noticed a police car behind me. No lights it was just simply behind me. No biggie. I said to Adam, "There's a cop behind us." The light turned green and we made the turn and then made the turn into Target's parking lot. I made sure to use my blinker. =) As I got in the turn lane though to turn into Target I said to Adam, "The cop is still behind us."

When I said that all the sudden the cop car lights flashed and the siren 'Whooped.' I was like, "Am I being pulled over?" and Adam said, "Yes, just pull up here." I pulled into a spot and put my car in park. Then a second cop car came! I rolled down my window. As the officer approached I peeked my head out the window. He asked me to turn off my car. I did. He asked me for my license and registration. I handed him my license and proof of insurance. Oops. I said the registration was in 'here' as I pointed at my glove box and opened it. I pulled out the registration and handed it to him. The cop said, "Did someone peel off your registration sticker?" I looked at him and said, "Oooh" and as I said that I turned to Adam and said, "Maybe they did?!" and I turned back to the cop and said (referencing Adam), "He lives by the DMV and we saw a sticker on the ground but it was in FRONT of my car so we didn't check to see if it was mine." The cop told us he'd be right back.

I said to Adam, "Even if I get a ticket, I will totally know this is from the Lord, because I HAD a registration sticker. So if I get a ticket for not having one then this is just something the Lord wants us to deal with somehow." Adam said, "I know you had a sticker, you fell down and got bruises last year. And when you got one and you had to miss work to get it."

(Total side story there. From a Feb blog post.)

February 13, 2009

Every Wednesday night I go to 'Date Night at Grandma and Grandpa's." I was sitting at the dinner table. And I got to thinkin'. I haven't gotten anything from the DMV for registration renewal... So I casually mentioned it while we ate. And then in my head I said "I haven't received a stinking thing and I am 99% sure my tags expire in Nov." That was it I had to go check. So I ran down the stairs and jogged over to my car. Sure enough. EXPIRED! -AYYYE WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY LIFE?- I turned to jog back inside and back up to the dinner table. I made it about 3 steps, my shoe slipped off my foot and I tripped.. and then.. I fell down. It wasn't a pretty fall. I fell ALL THE WAY DOWN. Flat like a pancake. Not to my hands and knees. Straight down. Belly to the ground. I popped back up. Man my hands stung. My hip. I went back inside. Grandma put bandaids on my hands. =) What a good Grandma!

So we waited. The cop came back and handed me everything and said, "Ok. Everything checks out. Make sure you contact the DMV to get a new sticker."


We parked at Target. Got out. Looked at my sticker. Here is the killer..

THE STICKER WAS THERE!! NOV 2009. Not expired. Not missing.

I have no idea what that was all about other than God. I was like, "Adam, this didn't 'just happen.'" I've been trying to really think it through. What am I supposed to pull away from that?

I think, what Adam and I have come up with so far, is something so simple. I think it was God just showing me, and showing Adam, that I need Adam. Adam is needed. Adam and I have been talking about my independence lately. It needs to bite the dust because I'm walking down the aisle very soon. I was able to be so calm and safe going through that scare with Adam and it was just so great not to have to experience that alone.

By the way, this was the first time I've EVER been pulled over.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Cherry - Dark Chocolate - Grenadine

I bought these. From Ralphs. I had recently tried the Raspberry Chocolate and the Coconut Dark Chocolate bars and they hit the spot. They satisfied my early morning hunger until I could take my lunch break. So when I saw these I thought "I'm gonna try them. They look pretty good." I think they might have been old and they were NOT good. The cherries were too sour, and I could barely taste those tiny chocolate chips which had that light chocolate thing going on that happens with age. I'm still eating them. But I don't look forward to them and afterwards I feel like I need to eat something else or chew a piece of gum. It's sad, because food is supposed to satisfy and these, do not.


Speaking of satisfying.. Cherry Coke. No, not this kind: (But doesn't that look soooo good?)But, THIS KIND!! Roy Rogers! Grenadine in Coke. I can hardly stand to look at it right now, cooped up in my office, on a Friday, after sweating out in the lumber yard.

This is what I didn't know, though. Grenadine is not made out of cherries. It's made out of pomegranates. Grenadine - A brilliant scarlet non-alcoholic syrup made from the juice of pomegranates. Used to color and flavor drinks and desserts. Called "grena dine" because it was originally available only from the island of Grenada in the Caribbean.

Pour that into some coke and give it a stir. OR pour it into some Sprite and squeeze in a wedge of fresh lime.

I have to go now.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

2 Mobile Uploads

1. I took this pic. It was me, entering something on some site that I can't even remember anymore and it had one of those confirmation things where you have to type in words to make sure you aren't a spammer. Well the first word was obvious right? Timeless. But what about that second word on the right? What the . . . What is that? It looks like a cat, or some flowers, but what letters? An 'A'? Fail.

2. And this, this is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. And it is mine. This marks a HUGE journey's end for my life. I LOVE Harry Potter. The books are so amazing, so creative. I determined that I would never buy a book for retail price, but that instead I would find all 7 of them at thrift stores. It worked. Last week I completed my collection. I found book number 7 at Goodwill for $1.99. In all, I think all 7 books cost less than or equal to the purchase of one paperback Harry Potter book. They ranged from $0.95 - $1.99. I'm thrilled. I will read them to my kids one day. But first I'll be practicing on Adam. He told me (after I gave him no option, see, I said, "I'm gonna read the Harry Potter books out loud to you.") I could.

I love life.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

For Fun

Because my niece is super cute.. (all are unedited and taken by Adam. <--- I love him.)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sept 11, 2001

I pulled this from an email my mom sent me. Made me cry.
You say you will never forget where you were when you heard the news On September 11, 2001. Neither will I.
I was on the 110th floor in a smoke filled room with a man who called his wife to say 'Good-Bye.' I held his fingers steady as he dialed. I gave him the peace to say, 'Honey, I am not going to make it, but it is OK..I am ready to go.'
I was with his wife when he called as she fed breakfast to their children. I held her up as she tried to understand his words and as she realized he wasn't coming home that night.
I was in the stairwell of the 23rd floor when a woman cried out to Me for help. 'I have been knocking on the door of your heart for 50 years!' I said. 'Of course I will show you the way home - only believe in Me now.'
I was at the base of the building with the Priest ministering to the injured and devastated souls. I took him home to tend to his Flock in Heaven. He heard my voice and answered.
I was on all four of those planes, in every seat, with every prayer. I was with the crew as they were overtaken. I was in the very hearts of the believers there, comforting and assuring them that their faith has saved them.
I was in Texas , Virginia , California , Michigan , Afghanistan . I was standing next to you when you heard the terrible news. Did you sense Me?
I want you to know that I saw every face. I knew every name - though not all know Me. Some met Me for the first time on the 86th floor.
Some sought Me with their last breath. Some couldn't hear Me calling to them through the smoke and flames; 'Come to Me... this way... take my hand.' Some chose, for the final time, to ignore Me. But, I was there.
I did not place you in the Tower that day. You may not know why, but I do.. However, if you were there in that explosive moment in time, would you have reached for Me?
Sept. 11, 2001, was not the end of the journey for you . But someday your journey will end. And I will be there for you as well. Seek Me now while I may be found. Then, at any moment, you know you are 'ready to go.'

Ground Zero, New York City, N.Y. (Sept. 17, 2001) -- An aerial view shows only a small portion of the crime scene where the World Trade Center collapsed following the Sept. 11 terrorist attack. Surrounding buildings were heavily damaged by the debris and massive force of the falling twin towers. Clean-up efforts are expected to continue for months. U.S. Navy photo by Chief Photographer's Mate Eric J. Tilford. (RELEASED)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yesterday's Viva La Vida

Yesterday Adam had to rush over to work and as the afternoon progressed I decided it would be fun to visit him at work when I was off and I wasn't sure if he had time to grab lunch or not so I decided I would swing by Starbucks and pick up a banana chocolate Vivano for him on my way to his store. I took the time to order something for myself as well, a grande iced mocha with 2 pumps of hazelnut. Yum-O as Rachel Ray would say.

Fast forward to 10pm.

I was in such a great mood! Seriously I should drink coffee more often! I told Adam if he ever needs me to stay awake with him to just get me a drink like that and we will be set for the night. But I also was a little louder than normal. My brain was FLOODED with versions it had created of Viva La Vida. I sang them all to Adam.

By flooded, I mean 4. The Erin-Playing-Double-Stops-On-Her-Violin-Mimicking-The-Amazing-Strings-In-The-Song Version, The Karaoke Singer Version - not off pitch, just someone who can't sing it the same way as Coldplay does, The Jazz/Lounge Version, and The Hart ShowChoir Version. These included clapping and snapping.

In honor of the song I was going to post the youtube video of it, but the embed link is disabled, and I am realizing that is a good thing because the dancing in the video just does NOT jive with the song. Sooo, in keeping with the theme, here is a different version (it's pretty cool! and if you know me well you will understand why I like this.):

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Over the summer I was helping Adam with one of his homework assignments by researching some articles for a paper he needed to write. I found an article titled:
TOO MUCH, TOO SOON, TOO OFTEN : Raising children in America - Brief Article
Commonweal, Oct 20, 2000 by JO McGOWAN.
I read it fully (it's not long) and thought it was great. In the meantime Adam's classes have ended and summer has continued to move on but I keep thinking of this article.

Today as I sat in Subway I was again reminded of the article. The emphasis it has is on raising children in America and offers 3 topics to think on. It's not extremely well written but has some really thought provoking items to chew on.

The 3 topics and a quote I like from each topic are:
Too many choices - "Having too many choices...inflates our sense of self-importance."

Portions that are too large - "The idea that more (much more) is better persuades children that they are entitled to whatever they desire. But isn't the secret to treats limiting them?"

Too many distractions - "The average American can do all of these things simultaneously: drive, talk on the phone, drink coffee, eat a bagel, listen to music, and smoke a cigarette. In India, most people do one thing at a time. Maybe they could do more, but they don't. This gives their lives a stillness, a mindfulness, rarely seen in the United States...[C]hildren, who are, after all, the world's original conservatives..Much as we may hate to admit it, to a baby there is nothing boring about the same old mother or father putting her to bed every night, over and over in exactly the same way."

And .. Some quotes for free:

"The distractions which are an inherent part of life in America make it seem that we are never accomplishing all that we can. There is always some other activity we could add to the one we are engaged in to make it more productive and efficient."

"Fewer choices, smaller sizes, one or two things at a time. "

Friday, September 4, 2009

A Ponder

2 mornings ago on my way to work I watched a leaf blow across my lane.

Yesterday I noticed myself singing Jingle Bells.

I'm starting to get that holiday fever.

Hello September. Why are you only September.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Life in Technicolor ii

I LOVE this song. It gets all stuck up in my head and there is no way around it so to make it easy I just listen to it on repeat.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


-It's just been impossible to blog lately. Work has been insanity. I worked Saturday and Sunday. Celebrated my B-Day. Had family in town. Travelled to San Diego. And Adam and I have been sick. Adam is better now but I am still feeling crummy.
-On top of the busyness that leaves me a LOT less time to think about things and ponder blog topics and so I'm coming up empty handed as far as new things to write that are even remotely interesting or thought provoking.
-In light of that though, I realize that it's at least better to just get on here and blab a little and make my presence known rather than just continuing to post nothing.
-My lungs are having a hard time dealing with the smoke from the fires. I'm sure it's because I've had a cold and been run down, but more than ever my lungs have been bothered. Plus I work in Canyon Country which is closer to some of the fire than the house is. I've been thankful that I've had my inhaler.
-I've successfully turned 26. I was able to have my free Birthday Burger from Red Robin. Adam and my folks and I went there on my BDay and it was a really nice time. I also made peanut butter pie and this year I added some extra peanut butter to the mixture PLUS mini chocolate chips. The pie was the best it's ever been. I highly recommend the extra PB.
-I was unable to go to Disneyland for free on my birthday because of work. I tried to convince my boss to give me a free ticket to make up for the mandatory work schedule =) I knew it wouldn't happen.
-Adam started school. He's taking 4 or 5 classes. Be praying for him as he takes those and also looks towards Clepping. Masters just increased the Clep fee by like 300%.
-Work is going super well for him. His boss is giving him an overarching training on running the store and also really encouraging him in his photography. He refers to Adam as his "Right hand man.' and told Adam that as long as he is in Santa Clarita he will make sure he has work. We are so thankful for this!!
-Our Monday night Jesus study has 2 regular attenders.
-Wedding planning
-Pre-Marital Counseling
-Started looking for wedding rings
-Working on bridesmaids still

Friday, August 21, 2009


When I arrived at the apartment yesterday Adam and these flowers were waiting for me.Adam took a very very long time making sure to pick out just the right flowers. He put so much thought into choosing them. He said all the other ones were just too pink and he just didn't think they were right and then after a long while he found these ones.. hidden and he thought they looked like great colors. He also got them because they went with my outfit from yesterday.
I think they are just GORGEOUS. I love every flower and leaf in the bunch. They ARE my colors. These would match the wedding. It was special to me to hear Adam explain the process of him buying the flowers. Most girls just want their flowers, but as he told me the story it just made me love him more. And once more, I cried. He really is softening me and the emotional wall I built for myself these past 4 years.
I can't wait 'til work is over so I can stick my face in these blossoms again.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


1 year with Adam. =) It makes me smile. My heart is so happy.

I'd like to celebrate this occasion by posting for all to read, something that only I have read before. I'm going to let you read the very first email that Adam ever sent me..

Adam Howard
August 5 at 5:53pm
so hey!I hear you play the violin.

And he fixed my blog for me.. see? The URL. That was a wonderful surprise!! He's so great. I should probably marry him.